Didn’t PR but that’s ok!

I started w the 230 pacer and was going to aim to stay w her until the last mile to push through at the end.. But around mile 8 I started fading.

At that point I was just pleased w how well my running felt. So I just ran smart and ended up getting another mile 11 side stitch! Same mile as last week?!

My thoughts on this.. I still have a small cough and maybe my breathing isn’t as well as it could be..

I’m also in that oh my freakin god I am running a full in 14 days mode. This time last year my runs felt awful .. Even short 3 milers.. All came down to me psyching myself out. I have a feeling this is the main culprit. So I need I need to do some mental training, deep breathing, and all things to calm my nervous pre run and during runs

I had to walk some during the two miles of side stitch agony. But then it disappeared ..

I was able to finish with my goal marathon pace so- win!

My feet have also been hurting and I think I mentally believe my shoes are worn out already. But I know there’s no way because I got them in February. I just like to mental freak myself out on many occasions. a new pair of socks will hopefully do the trick. My wright socks are getting ratchet. And I can’t run long long marathon long in my injinjis. I have weird toes that aren’t webbed but two of them aren’t split all the way down as the others (this sounds so weird ) so the toe socks kinda give my toe a wedgie?

How’d I even get on that subject. On that note I’m out.

Peace love and toe wedgies

It’s a half marathon weekend. I have 3 goals.. Goal a: run 2:38 - I havent ran an official 1/2 sub 240 since this one last year… Goal b: Run my PR 2:30 , holding an 1129 pace (flat trail)- i think if my body is feeling good tomorrow I can do that, Goal c: Push the shit out of myself and run 229 - sub 230 hitting a NEW PR.

I am really aiming for the third goal.. however my stomach has been off the past two days and I was sick earlier this week so, we will see. Im hydrating like a champ today and maybe it will happen!

PS 15 days until 26.2


I am so nervous and ready!